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The One Trait That Ties Together Akira Kurosawa’s Favorite Directors

Akira Kurosawa is your favorite director’s favorite director, but do you know his favorite directors? The acclaimed Japanese filmmaker is primarily known for his historical epics and samurai films, including “Seven Samurai” and “Rashomon.”Kurosawa was heavily inspired by the cowboys in American Westerns, and in turn, many spaghetti Westerns were heavily inspired by Kurosawa. The director […]

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Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon Adds Rupert Friend And More To The Cast

The moon is really having its moment in the sun right now on streaming services. Not only are True Believers looking forward to Marvel Studios’ “Moon Knight” on Disney+, but Zack Snyder’s “Rebel Moon” is currently in the works over at Netflix. Previously conceived as a “Star Wars” film inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s “Seven Samurai,” […]

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Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon Will Star Charlie Hunnam, Djimon Hounsou, Ray Fisher, And Bae Doona

Following his sendoff from the Dceu with his divisive cut of “Justice League” and the success of Netflix’s “Army of the Dead,” Zack Snyder and his production company Stone Quarry Productions signed a two-year first-look deal with the streaming giant last year. And one of the products to emerge from that partnership is “Rebel Moon.” […]

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‘Rebel Moon’: Zack Snyder’s Latest Pic Adds Charlie Hunnam, Doona Bae, Djimon Hounsou, Ray Fisher & More

Director Zack Snyder is moving towards his future at Netflix as the streaming giant is just about to begin filming “Rebel Moon,” his second original film that is loosely based on a sci-fi take of Akira Kurosawa’s masterpiece “Seven Samurai.” The project even initially started as a “Star Wars” pitch to Lucasfilm.With production about to […]

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Zack Snyder to Direct Netflix Movie Inspired by Akira Kurosawa and ‘Star Wars’

Zack Snyder is following up on “Army of the Dead” with “Rebel Moon,” an original sci-fi film that the director said is inspired by Akira Kurosawa movies and “Star Wars.”Per an exclusive in The Hollywood Reporter, Snyder, who will co-write and direct the upcoming film, has set the movie at Netflix, which was also home […]

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Seven Samurai tops critics’ poll of best foreign-language films

Akira Kurosawa epic beats Bicycle Thieves to top of BBC’s 100-strong list that includes just four female-directed filmsA critics’ poll conducted by the BBC has voted Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 swordsman epic Seven Samurai as the greatest ever non-English-speaking film.The BBC culture website polled more than 200 “film experts” from more than 40 countries, including critics, […]

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