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Look Both Ways review – Lili Reinhart shines in Netflix’s Sliding Doors homage

The Riverdale star plays out two different futures after an unexpected pregnancy in this warm but imbalanced exploration of ‘what if?’“What if?” is a reliably magnetic question. What if you got rejected instead of accepted, took one job over another, cut and run on a lover or stuck it out? The non-Marvel multiverse potential is […]

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‘Look Both Ways’ Review: Lili Reinhart Embraces a So-So ‘Sliding Doors’ Scenario

In director Wanuri Kahiu’s “Look Both Ways,” a twentysomething woman is confronted with a pivotal situation that splits her life in two, eventually landing both versions of herself at a crossroads. The film mixes the conceits of “Sliding Doors” and “For Keeps” into one refurbished product, eschewing fantasy or melodrama in favor of grounded authenticity […]

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‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Review: Chaos Reigns – and So Does Michelle Yeoh – in Unhinged Metaverse Movie

Way back in 1998, before Marvel made metaverses a household concept, Gwyneth Paltrow starred in a lovely parallel-realities drama called “Sliding Doors,” in which a woman’s life split along two paths, depending on whether or not her character caught a specific train. At the time, juggling these competing fates was considered to be so demanding […]

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Cannes Film Review: ‘Chambre 212’

Most of us, in our romantic lives, meditate here and there on the potential roads we never traveled, and movies are uniquely equipped to channel those alternate-universe-of-love possibilities. That’s the idea at the (broken) heart of “Casablanca.” And the fantasy of getting to see the turns your life didn’t take play out right in front […]

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