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Ray Liotta: ‘Why haven’t I worked with Scorsese since Goodfellas? You’d have to ask him. I’d love to’

After years of avoiding crime films, he’s back as a mafioso in the Sopranos prequel The Many Saints of Newark. He talks about being adopted and getting into acting – and saves a surprise for the endI am a little trepidatious ahead of my interview with Ray Liotta because the reviews, shall we say, are […]

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‘Vacation Friends’ Review: Lightweight Comedy Earns Guffaws with Familiar Mix of Raunch and Sentiment

Just as it’s easy to imagine “The Hangover” being transformed, with relatively minor script tinkering, into a deadly serious film noir, one can envision an early draft of “Vacation Friends” serving as the blueprint for a paranoid thriller about vacationers who discover much too late that their new acquaintances are aggressively chummy for all the […]

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Home Movies: ‘Something Wild,’ a Blast From the Past That Previewed the Future (Column)

There’s a fascinating game of movie fandom that goes like this:“What’s the greatest movie of [that year] or [that decade] that never got the love, or the reputation, that it deserved?” If you’re talking about the 1980s, I wouldn’t hesitate to say that it’s Jonathan Demme’s “Something Wild.”You’ve probably heard of it, and have probably […]

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