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‘Secret Invasion’ Teaser Trailer: Samuel L. Jackson Leads A Skrulls Invasion Series Coming In 2023 [D23]

While Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury has been in eleven MCU films to date – including pretty significant roles in “Spider-Man: Far From Home” and “Captain Marvel” – the character’s never had a solo movie before. That isn’t changing with Marvel’s “Secret Invasion,” an upcoming limited series, but it’s the closest we’ve come so far.Read […]

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Kevin Feige Says Phase Four Has Already Dropped ‘Many Clues’ About The McU’s Future

Following the end of the Infinity Saga with “Avengers: Endgame” and “Spider-Man: Far From Home” in 2019, Marvel Studios had to take a short break in 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic. But this delay barely rattled Marvel president Kevin Feige and the House of Ideas: They returned in 2021 (after a few small tweaks […]

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The Doctor Strange Multiverse Explained

With “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” the conceit of multiple Marvel universes has well and truly arrived. It seemed like a red herring in “Spider-Man: Far From Home.” It was the plot engine of “Loki” and last year’s Peter Parker-filled smash, “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” Now, in the hands of director Sam Raimi, […]

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Jared Leto Wants All Three Spider-Man Actors in ‘Morbius’ Sequel

When “Morbius” comes out next weekend, it will be the culmination of multiple years of roadblocks and delays for Sony’s Marvel film. The movie was originally scheduled for a July 2020 release, before being delayed multiple times due to the pandemic. It will be the first new major superhero movie to debut since “The Batman” […]

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Home Is Where ‘Spider-Man’ and Sony Soar, Too, as Spidey Sequels Climb VOD Charts

Sony Pictures not only sold 93 percent of movie theater tickets this weekend — with “Spider-Man: No Way Home” at $260 million leading the charge — but the studio is also #1 on all three VOD charts below with two different titles.One is “Spider-Man: Far from Home” ($3.99), #1 at Google Play and second at […]

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Watch The Spider-Man: No Way Home Opening Scene

The last live-action Spider-Man film, “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” ended with one heck of a cliffhanger: a mid-credits scene where the McU’s J. Jonah Jameson revealed Peter Parker’s secret identity to the world. But rather than jumping ahead in time, Tom Holland’s next outing as the web-slinger, “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” will pick up exactly […]

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Riz Ahmed Realized After ‘Venom’ That He Didn’t Yet Have the ‘Skill Set’ to Act in Blockbusters

Jake Gyllenhaal was overcome with anxiety on the set of the Marvel tentpole “Spider-Man: Far From Home” when he realized how unprepared he was for the style of acting required to pull off a big comic book tentpole. “It’s hard, man. That acting is hard. All of it,” the actor said earlier this month about […]

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‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Trailer: Tom Holland Is Back as the MCU’s Iconic Webslinger

Details surrounding the upcoming Spider-Man sequel “No Way Home” have mostly been shrouded in mystery, that is until a version of the trailer — unauthorized, but apparently genuine — leaked online over the weekend. Fans were hopeful that Sony Pictures would reveal the (official) trailer during its presentation at CinemaCon Monday: The studio delivered, treating […]

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