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Film Review: ‘Spinning Man’

In an alternate universe, Guy Pearce plays sleazeheads, killers, cutthroats with attitude, and various other magnetically bent souls — in other words, just what he plays now — only he does it in movies that aren’t semi-off-the-radar hipster curios and genre throwaways. He does it with the stardom that “L.A. Confidential” and “Memento” promised. “Spinning […]

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First Look: ‘The Sonata,’ Starring Rutger Hauer, Freya Tingley (Exclusive)

Variety has been given the first-look image for mystery thriller “The Sonata,” starring Rutger Hauer, Freya Tingley and Simon Abkarian. Arri Media will introduce the film to buyers and show first footage at Berlin’s European Film Market.Abkarian’s credits include “Casino Royale” and “Kaboul Kitchen,” while Tingley was in “Jersey Boys” and will star alongside Pierce […]

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