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‘Psycho Goreman’ Review: A Cleverly Schlocky Evil-Alien-Out-of-Water Comedy That’s Like Marvel Meets Troma

One of the trends of our time is the way that extreme culture can wind up turning into kiddie culture. Head-banging metal that was once the down-and-dirty province of those in their teens and twenties had evolved, by the time of “School of Rock,” into a grade-school activity as wholesome as choir practice. “Psycho Goreman,” […]

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Netflix Developing a Sequel to Robert Rodriguez’s ‘We Can Be Heroes’

Netflix is developing a sequel to Robert Rodriguez’s newly released superhero pic “We Can Be Heroes.”The movie, which draws from the young heroes in the director’s “Spy Kids” franchise and “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl,” follows the children of Earth’s superheroes, whose parents have been kidnapped by alien invaders. The children are left with […]

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‘We Can Be Heroes’ Review: Robert Rodriguez’s Genial Homemade Kiddie Superhero Flick for Netflix

Robert Rodriguez famously made his first feature, “El Mariachi” (1993), for $7,000, and in the years since he’s made a point, rather charmingly, of staying in touch with that DIY side of himself. This first became apparent in the early 2000s, when he churned out three “Spy Kids” films in a row, working out of […]

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We Can Be Heroes review – nutrient-free tween superhero caper

These Gen Z school-age superheroes don’t buck the downward trajectory of director Robert Rodriguez’s recent work for kidsFor his children’s films, Robert Rodriguez long ago established his own style in strip-cartoon type graphics, garish colour schemes and affordable digital effects – notably with the genuinely likable and now almost 20-year-old gem, Spy Kids, which starred […]

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‘We Can Be Heroes’ Trailer: Robert Rodriguez Returns To His Kid-Friendly Superhero Realm For Netflix

Fans of “Spy Kids” and “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl,” pay attention! Robert Rodriguez is jumping back into the world of bright-colored, heavily green-screened kids films with the upcoming Netflix feature, “We Can Be Heroes.” And if you’re a fan of the first two franchises, especially the latter, you’re going to love what the […]

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Jennifer Lawrence Tells Stephen Colbert She Thinks Harvey Weinstein Is a ‘Horrible Ass-Boil’ (And That’s Not All)

May we all be so lucky to wake up to a clip of Jennifer Lawrence on a late night talk show from the night before. In her Monday night appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” the actress recapped her stint filling in with Colbert’s timeslot rival Jimmy Kimmel — and that was only […]

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