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Netflix: Movies and TV Shows Leaving in November

As Netflix adds a number of new titles, the streaming service is also saying goodbye to a trove of movies and TV shows over the next month.High-profile films leaving the streamer include the entire Ocean’s trilogy, Moneyball, The Addams Family, Stand and Deliver, West Side Story, Olympus Has Fallen, Y Tu Mamá También, Adam Sandler […]

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MoJo Global Arts unveils slate of Latinx, jazz films (exclusive)

Company launched North American sales in Tiff on South African Oscar submission Knuckle City.Morris Ruskin and Jordan Walker-Pearlman’s new Los Angeles-based production and management company MoJo Global Arts has unveiled a slate of three projects featuring a Latinx comedy, a Jazz documentary, and an epic TV project about Harlem.MoJo has come on board as producer’s […]

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