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Seth MacFarlane Isn’t Afraid To Flip The Orville On Its Head

In 2017, Seth MacFarlane created the sci-fi comedy-drama, “The Orville,” as a homage to the original “Star Trek” and its “Next Generation” successor. Despite its appreciation for “Stark Trek,” “The Orville” never shies away from parodying the source material it is so inspired by, subverting space drama tropes in the process. Season 3 of the […]

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‘Star Trek’ Cast and Creator’s Ashes Will Be Flown to Space for ‘Graveyard Orbit’

The late stars of “Star Trek: The Original Series” will live long and prosper in space, thanks to a pioneering new mission.After legendary “Star Trek” actress and NASA collaborator Nichelle Nichols died in July 2022 at age 89, memorial spaceflight organization Celestis contacted Nichols’ son Kyle Johnson about her remains being put into orbit. Named […]

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‘Fantastic Four’: ‘WandaVision’ Director Matt Shakman in Talks to Helm

Click here to read the full article.Matt Shakman, the veteran TV director who ushered Marvel Studios into the age of television, is in early talks to make the jump to MCU features with Fantastic Four, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.Shakman became a Marvel favorite with the Emmy-winning WandaVision, the first MCU series released for Disney+. […]

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Karl Urban Struck A Careful Balance When It Came To Playing Star Trek’s Bones

JJ Abrams’ “Star Trek” reboots were a bold and largely successful attempt to bring the franchise back into mainstream relevancy, reimagining the classic sci-fi series as action/adventure blockbusters. Naturally, for a franchise with one of the oldest fandoms, many people were nervous at the prospect of not only putting a new spin on this universe, […]

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7 Shows Like Star Trek to Watch If You Love Sci-Fi

For years, our televisions were lacking for new shows set in the world of Star Trek — fortunately, thanks to Paramount+ (previously known as CBS All Access) things are very different. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds debuted in 2022, winning over fans almost immediately. Animated charmer Star Trek: Lower Decks is on its third season, […]

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Star Trek: Lower Decks Cast & Characters: Meet the Crew of the USS Cerritos

It’s time to boldly go where no Star Trek show has gone before! Star Trek: Lower Decks made Star Trek history when it debuted on August 6, 2020. It was not only the first animated Star Trek series since the short-lived 1970s show Star Trek: The Animated Series, it was the first ever comedic installment […]

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Star Trek Lower Decks Season 3: Everything You Need to Know About the Show

With the phenomenal first season finale of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds landing in July 2022, fans don’t have to wait long to watch an equally incredible project from the franchise. In terms of its big-screen intentions, the Star Trek brand may be taking a short break, but streaming activity is still bustling along. One […]

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‘Event Horizon’ at 25: Paul W.S. Anderson Recalls Paramount Fearing His Horror Film Slandered ‘Star Trek’

When Paramount got its first look at a cut of “Event Horizon” in 1997, some studio executives thought that director Paul W.S. Anderson had made a film so disturbing that it slandered outer space itself.“Someone actually said to me, ‘We’re the studio that makes Star Trek!’” Anderson recalled with a grin on his face. “They […]

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