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David Harbour: Hopper’s ‘Stranger Things 4’ Resurrection Is Like Gandalf in ‘Lord of the Rings’

When “Stranger Things” finally returns to Netflix with its highly anticipated fourth season, the show will have to answer its biggest question yet: How did Hopper survive the “Stranger Things 3” finale? The last fans saw of David Harbour’s fan favorite character, he was sacrificing himself to close the gate between the Upside Down and […]

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‘Stranger Things’ Featurette Builds Hype for Season 4 By Spotlighting the “Evolution” of Season 3

The wait for Stranger Things 4 is going to be even longer than expected, so Netflix is keeping us occupied by releasing a new Stranger Things featurette that spotlights the evolving ensemble of the third season. It’s been nearly a year since Stranger Things 3 hit the streamer, but this featurette serves as a nice […]

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David Harbour: Hopper’s ‘Stranger Things’ Return Includes ‘Huge’ Backstory Reveal

Netflix has already confirmed David Harbour’s Hopper will be alive when “Stranger Things” returns for a fourth season, but that won’t be the only shock when it comes to the fan favorite character. Hopper was seemingly killed after sacrificing himself in the “Stranger Things 3” finale, but the first “Stranger Things 4” teaser revealed he […]

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‘Stranger Things 4’ Will Be Shooting a Significant Portion of the Season in New Mexico

It’s officially official: Stranger Things 4 is moving out of Hawkins, Indiana. At least for a time. The announcement teaser that confirmed the renewal of the wildly popular Netflix series for a fourth season hinted towards a location shift, and now Deadline confirms courtesy of a chat with Netflix’s VP of Physical Production Patty Whitcher […]

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