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‘Submersible’ Review: A Grimy, Claustrophobic, Deeply Generic Submarine Thriller

There are lost-at-sea thrillers that make a virtue of the leanness of their narratives. J.C. Chandor’s “All Is Lost,” Wolfgang Fischer’s “Styx” and Chris Kentis’ legitimately traumatizing “Open Water” (not to mention Alfonso Cuarón’s “Gravity” if we switch in space for ocean) all spun gripping tales of survival — or not — using minimal dialogue […]

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Berlin Film Review: ‘Styx’

There is significant cinematic pleasure in observing someone perform an action at which they’re practiced. Watching a pianist play or a driver change gear or a master thief pick a lock can exert its own fascination, and the camera can identify expertise, in muscle memory and dexterity that cannot be faked. In the first, nearly […]

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Beta Cinema Acquires Berlinale Competition Titles ‘3 Days in Quiberon,”In The Aisles’

Beta Cinema has boarded four films set to play at the Berlinale, including two competition titles, Emily Atef’s “3 Days in Quiberon” and Thomas Stuber’s “In The Aisles.”Beta Cinema has also acquired Milko Lazarov’s “Ága” which will be closing the festival and playing out of competition, and Wolfgang Fischer’s “Styx,” the opening film of the […]

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