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Superhero Bits: ‘Superman: Man of Tomorrow’ Trailer, ‘Suicide Squad’ Video Games Rumors & More

Want to see the trailer for the animated Superman: Man of Tomorrow movie? What might the Suicide Squad video game be called? Are you ready for Lucfier‘s sixth and final season? Did you hear Joss Whedon was the one who directed the Justice League post-credits scene? Which Marvel movies could be returning to theaters in […]

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Superhero Bits: Frank Grillo Wants a Crossbones Series, New Batman and Suicide Squad Games May Be Coming & More

Would you be interested in a Crossbones series on Disney+? Are new Batman and Suicide Squad video games in the works? Would you want to hear Christopher Daniel Barnes in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse? Who is responsible for Peter Parker having organic web shooters in Sam Raimi‘s Spider-Man? Could Marvel Studios be planning a slow […]

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James Gunn’s ‘The Suicide Squad’ Title Was Suggested as a Joke, But Then It Became Real

The Suicide Squad title was initially brought up as a joke title for the new movie, but it eventually became real. James Gunn‘s next film isn’t exactly a direct sequel to David Ayer’s 2016 movie Suicide Squad, so a simple title like “Suicide Squad 2” wouldn’t really be appropriate. But when it came time to […]

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Superhero Bits: ‘Supergirl’ Co-Star Chyler Leigh Comes Out, Brian Azzarello’s Joker Influenced ‘Suicide Squad’ & More

What did Grant Gustin have to say about the actor recently fired from The Flash? Which version of Joker inspired the one we see in Suicide Squad? Which Riverdale star is up for the role of Batwoman? When will Arrowverse stars get back to shooting in Vancouver? Could a Black Widow cast member be reprising […]

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Superhero Bits: DC Comics Cuts Ties with Diamond Comics, ‘Suicide Squad’ Timeline Mix-Up & More

Why is DC Comics severing ties with Diamond Comics distributors? Can Magneto lift Mjolnir? How might the third season of Harley Quinn open? What new details about The Eternals surfaced thanks to some merchandise listings? How did an added detail in Harley Quinn‘s profile in Suicide Squad mess up David Ayer‘s timeline? When will Loki […]

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‘Suicide Squad’: David Ayer Says ‘Deadpool’ Success & ‘BvS’ Failure Turned His “Soulful Drama” Into A Comedy

Leading up to the release of David Ayer’s “Suicide Squad,” there were a number of reports that said Warner Bros. was concerned about the tone of his film because of the negative reviews for Zack Snyder’s “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” At the time, obviously no one related to the film was going to […]

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‘Suicide Squad’ Director’s Cut Would Be ‘Easy’ and ‘Cathartic,’ Says David Ayer

“Suicide Squad” director David Ayer says it would be easy to make a director’s cut of his movie.The 2016 supervillain team-up movie received mostly negative reviews from fans and critics, and many wondered what had been left on the cutting room floor. Since his movie’s release, Ayer has been vocal about how his original vision […]

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Superhero Bits: Spider-Man 2099 Series Rumor, New ‘Justice League Dark: Apokolips War’ Clip & More

Which director pitched an R-rated Venom movie to Sony? Is there a Spider-Man 2099 series headed to Disney+? Why does Suicide Squad director David Ayer feel bad for Jared Leto? Does Disney know when Marvel Studios might start shooting again? Which of the millions of timelines Doctor Strange saw are we currently in? Want to […]

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