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Jo Koy’s ‘Easter Sunday’ Comedy Brings in ‘Super Troopers’ Director Jay Chandrasekhar

For the past decade, Super Troopers director Jay Chandrasekhar has mostly kept busy by directing episodes of television shows like Community, Psych, Royal Pains, New Girl, Fresh Off the Boat, and The Goldbergs. After interrupting a long TV run to take the helm of Super Troopers 2 back in 2018, Chandrasekhar is returning […]The post […]

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‘Super Troopers 2’: Can Stoner Sequels Find Success After Legalization?

April 20, recognized among marijuana users as the international holiday of 4/20, falls on a Friday this year, which turns out to be the perfect release date for Fox Searchlight’s “Super Troopers 2,” the long awaited sequel to the 2001 stoner-movie classic “Super Troopers.” It will open wide on 2,400 screens.“Fox Searchlight chose 4/20 as […]

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‘Super Troopers 2’ Review: Those Inept Highway Patrolmen Return 16 Years Later, Dumber Than Ever

It’s 2018, ’80s nostalgia is a commodity, “Roseanne” is back on the airwaves, and Sony’s trying to revive “Men in Black.” As pop culture goes into the weeds, of course there’s a sequel to “Super Troopers.” The anarchic 2001 comedy from the Broken Lizard troupe came out of nowhere to find a home with Fox […]

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