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Taylor Sheridan Should Do More Neo-Western Movies Like ‘Hell or High Water’

Okay, Taylor Sheridan, we’d like to make a statement and follow it up with a request. We know you are busy with your ever-expanding Paramount family of shows, which includes Tulsa King, Mayor of Kingstown, Lawmen: Bass Reeves, and, of course, Yellowstone. But, we think that it is high time that you, the master showrunner […]

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‘Yellowstone’ Needs a John Dutton Prequel Show With Josh Lucas

Taylor Sheridan’s hit neo-Western Yellowstone is currently in its fifth and final season, and although we will be sad to say goodbye to the flagship series, there are a number of spinoffs and prequels to devour. Matthew McConaughey is starring in a Yellowstone sequel series following Kevin Costner’s departure, and prequels 1923 and 1883 have […]

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Chris Pine Deserved an Oscar for Taylor Sheridan’s ‘Hell or High Water’

We’ve seen the versatile and charming Chris Pine take on a litany of roles over his career that have stretched him both emotionally and physically. He has been the suave space pioneer Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek movie franchise, the sophisticated CIA special ops man in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, the charismatic […]

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Is ‘Dark Winds’ Based on a True Story?

In our post-Yellowstone world, it’s easy to think that every TV Western airing now derives from Taylor Sheridan’s landmark Paramount series. Maybe there’s some string of truth in the fact that it helped rejuvenate the tired genre, but shows like Dark Winds prove that the Western is a lot more than just a cowboy fantasy. […]

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Before ‘Yellowstone,’ These Western Dramas Dominated TV

These days, Taylor Sheridan is taking over TV with his hit neo-Western series Yellowstone. The Kevin Costner-led drama, as well as its prequel series 1923 and 1883 have lassoed audiences’ attention, though this Paramount universe wouldn’t exist without the shows that came before it. Westerns once regularly dominated the box office, and many of the […]

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CBS May Have Censored Yellowstone, But It’s Certainly Not Suffering

There’s no doubt that part of the infectious appeal of “Yellowstone” has to do with the show’s no-nonsense, unbridled approach to storytelling. There’s a wild unpredictability to Taylor Sheridan’s smash hit neo-Western that keeps fans coming back week-to-week, not knowing what to expect. When “Yellowstone” isn’t focusing on the political machinations occurring in the state […]

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‘Yellowstone’s Biker Scene Takes a Clever Shot at ‘Sons of Anarchy’

While we all anxiously await Yellowstone‘s return, the series has started airing a somewhat abridged version on CBS, removing plenty of violence, nudity, and language from filmmaker Taylor Sheridan’s prestige drama. One show that, like Yellowstone, refused to pull punches was FX’s hit highway drama Sons of Anarchy, a series inspired by the very real […]

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‘Sicario 3’ Is in Development, According to Producers

Sicario was a masterpiece. If you’ve seen the film, you know there are scenes you’ll never forget — yes we’re talking about the border crossing scene. An almost once-in-a-lifetime coming together of talents, the film was scripted by Taylor Sheridan, currently best known as the brains behind the Yellowstone universe, and directed by Denis Villeneuve, […]

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‘Yellowstone’s CBS Premiere Scores Massive Viewership Numbers

Due to the reduction of new content amid the ongoing actors and writers’ strike for fair wages and better working conditions — CBS modified its programming slate to include the massively popular neo-western series, Yellowstone. Apparently, the decision to air Paramount Network’s hit Taylor Sheridan-created series has so far proven to be a smart, strategic […]

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