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With ‘The Little Things,’ John Lee Hancock Wrote a Script So Dark Even He Wasn’t Ready to Direct It

If “The Little Things” seems like a movie from another time, it is. John Lee Hancock wrote the script 28 years ago, back when he wrote the Kevin Costner vehicle “A Perfect World” for director Clint Eastwood. Steven Spielberg was interested, but found the drama about the fight to find an L.A. serial killer too […]

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‘The Eight Hundred’ Review: Blockbuster Chinese War Epic Delivers Imax-Scale Spectacle

Four days feels like an eternity in “The Eight Hundred,” mainland Chinese writer-director Guan Hu’s monumental, if sometimes unwieldy epic interpretation of the courageous defense of a warehouse by the Chinese Nationalist Army in October 1937. For those with little knowledge of the Sino-Japanese War, the bombardment of facts, action and characters in the 147-minute […]

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