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Jesse Eisenberg Teases Wordless Sasquatch Role for Zellner Bros. Comedy: ‘I Grunt, but No Lines’

Jesse Eisenberg won’t be using a social network for his next role.The “Social Network” alum revealed that he will be playing Sasquatch in an upcoming project helmed by directing duo David and Nathan Zellner. Eisenberg previously starred opposite David Zellner in Riley Stearns’ “The Art of Self-Defense,” which was produced by Nathan Zellner.“The next movie […]

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Dual Review: Karen Gillan Tries To Kill Her Double In Riley Stearns’ Dark Comedy [Sundance 2022]

Riley Stearns, the filmmaker behind 2014’s “Faults” and 2019’s “The Art of Self-Defense,” returns to Sundance with “Dual,” an odd dark comedy which sits comfortably in the tonally unique corner of cinema Stearns has carved out for himself. In the director’s movies, life is not something to be celebrated, but a punishment to be endured; […]

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‘The Art of Self-Defense’ Writer/Director Riley Stearns on How His Pitch-Black Comedy Became a Statement About Toxic Fandom [Interview]

The Art of Self-Defense is not your average karate kid tale. Casey (Jesse Eisenberg) is a grown man who takes Karate classes after he survives a mugging. Sensei (Alessandro Nivola) gives him wisdom like “think German” and Anna (Imogen Poots) tries to help toughen Casey up. Things quickly go too far. The dark comedy from […]

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