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‘The Craft’ Reboot Summons David Duchovny to Play a Character Who is Probably Not a Teen Witch

The Craft reboot has summoned up a new cast member: David Duchovny. Zoe Lister-Jones is writing and directing the remake of the 1996 horror favorite about a coven of high school witches, with Blumhouse producing. No word on who Duchovny might be playing, but I’m guessing he’s not one of the teen witches, because that […]

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Blumhouse’s ‘The Craft’ Remake On the Way with David Duchovny (Du-coven-y)

Witches rejoice; 1996’s The Craft is getting an update! With David Duchovny! Deadline is reporting that Blumhouse and Red Wagon Entertainment/Sony will be rebooting the high school pagan horror/thriller. The ‘90s were a fine time for high school horror. Perhaps Disturbing Behavior and Teaching Mrs. Tingle will be next. This re-imagining of the Andrew Fleming-directed […]

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‘Ideal Home’ Trailer: Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan Are a Gay Couple in Comedy From ‘The Craft’ Director

A shining example of the cult classic, “The Craft” has lived a long movie life since its debut in 1996. Starring Neve Campbell, Christine Taylor, and an unforgettable Fairuza Balk, “The Craft” never gets old to revisit around Halloween time—or any time, for that matter. Which is why audiences might be interested to learn that […]

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