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Composer Henry Jackman Praises A Key Moment In John Williams’ Empire Strikes Back Score [Exclusive]

Few composers have shaped the soundscape of Hollywood cinema for the past 30 years quite like Hans Zimmer. From “The Lion King” to “The Thin Red Line,” “Gladiator,” “Dune: Part One,” and his work on Christopher Nolan’s films, Zimmer’s best soundtracks are capable of telling gripping stories all on their own. Just as impressive, in […]

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Tom Hanks Calls ‘Da Vinci Code’ Trilogy ‘Hooey,’ Not ‘Good Commerce’ at the End

Tom Hanks has cracked “The Da Vinci Code”…and dubbed it “hooey.”In a recent interview with The New York Times, Oscar winner Hanks called the Ron Howard-helmed trilogy “as cynical as a crossword puzzle” and an outrageous adventure story ripe for the box office. The franchise kicked off in 2006 before spurring two sequels, “Angels & […]

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‘The Lost Symbol’ Review: Dan Brown’s Novels Come Together in Bland Peacock Adaptation

It’s been five years since audiences last saw Dan Brown’s character Robert Langdon in the 2016 feature film “Inferno” and it honestly feels like a moment in time that can’t be recreated. It’s hard to describe the events of 2003 to someone who didn’t feverishly rush out to read Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code,” one […]

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‘No Time to Die’: Hans Zimmer Takes Over as Composer on Bond Movie (Exclusive)

Hans Zimmer is James Bond’s new composer, multiple sources tell Variety.The composer of “Gladiator,” “Inception” and “The Da Vinci Code” is already believed to be working on “No Time to Die,” the 25th film in the 007 franchise starring Daniel Craig. He replaces Dan Romer, the American composer who had previously been announced as scoring […]

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Tom Hanks, Akiva Goldsman Set Live Action Mattel Adaptation ‘Major Matt Mason’ at Paramount (Exclusive)

Tom Hanks is headed back to outer space.The Oscar winner is set to star in a feature film based on a Mattel action figure from the 1960s called Major Matt Mason, numerous insiders familiar with the project tell Variety. The film is set up at Paramount Pictures.Screenwriter Akiva Goldsman, who previously worked with Hanks on […]

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