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Trevor Noah Developing Remake of ‘The President’s Analyst’ With Former Obama Staffer

“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah is developing and may star in a remake of “The President’s Analyst,” the 1967 political satire that starred James Coburn as the Oval Office’s resident psychiatrist. Paramount Pictures will back the film.Noah will have a critical helping hand when it comes to navigating White House life. Pat Cunnane, who […]

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‘The President’s Analyst’ Remake Coming From Trevor Noah and Obama White House Deputy Director of Messaging Pat Cunnane

The President’s Analyst, a 1967 comedy-thriller about the misadventures of a psychoanalyst to the President of the United States, is getting a remake courtesy of The Daily Show host Trevor Noah. And the script for the remake comes courtesy of an actual Washington insider – Pat Cunnane, who served as President Barack Obama’s Senior Writer […]

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Oscars: Best Live Action Short Film Predictions 2021

The Oscar contenders for live-action short include a range of social issue films, addressing topics from child kidnapping to disability. This year’s shortlist includes a number of big name talents alongside student films, with newcomers competing alongside the likes of Pedro Almodovar. The shortlist includes Spanish auteur’s first English-language film “The Human Voice,” which stars […]

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Larry Wilmore Has “Diversity Day” Outtakes from ‘The Office’ That Would Shock You

Larry Wilmore is one of our best comedy voices we’ve got. The acclaimed writer/producer/performer has been an integral voice to influential works like The Bernie Mac Show, The Daily Show, Insecure, Black-ish, and of course, The Office. I’m excited Wilmore will be heading back in front of TV cameras on a regular basis (Rip The […]

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Jon Stewart Says Giving a Platform to Bill O’Reilly Is the ‘Worst Legacy’ of ‘The Daily Show’

It’s been five years since Jon Stewart retired from “The Daily Show,” and the veteran comedian is still closely following politics and the news media. Stewart, who hosted the late-night show for 16 years, recently spoke to the New York Times’ David Marchese in a wide-ranging interview about current events, contemporary news coverage, and his […]

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Rita Wilson on coronavirus and choloroquine: ‘I was so ill I could hardly stand’

Wilson and her husband Tom Hanks’ Covid-19 diagnosis underlined how pervasive the disease could be. She talks about the grim side-effects of the drugs she took to combat it – and her rap-aided recoveryPrecisely when political leaders of certain countries grasped how much of a threat coronavirus really would be is a debatable issue. But […]

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‘Irresistible’ Trailer: Steve Carell and Rose Byrne Face Off in Jon Stewart’s Political Satire

For the past four years, we’ve been desperately missing Jon Stewart‘s voice. The former host of The Daily Show stepped down right before the 2016 elections and we’ve been deprived of Stewart’s acerbic jokes over the current political climate. But Stewart is finally back — though not in front of the camera. Stewart writes and […]

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