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Neil Marshall’s Gangster Movie ‘Duchess,’ Starring Charlotte Kirk, Debuts First-Look Images (Exclusive)

Variety has been given exclusive access to the first-look images from Neil Marshall’s action crime thriller “Duchess,” starring British actor Charlotte Kirk, who was linked to the downfall of two Hollywood moguls. Principal photography is in its third week on the movie, which is shooting in Tenerife.The film is co-written by Marshall and Kirk, the […]

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‘The Reckoning’, the Latest Horror Film From Director Neil Marshall, Heads to Rlj Entertainment and Shudder for 2021 Release

The Reckoning, the latest from The Descent director Neil Marshall, has found a home: Rlj Entertainment and horror streaming service Shudder have purchased the film for a 2021 release. The movie, which follows a woman falsely accused of being a witch, has had somewhat of a bumpy road. The project was originally set up at […]

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‘Black Water: Abyss’ Review: Killer Crocodile Sequel Feasts on Fresh Meat

The combination of claustrophobia, darkness, murky water and one big crocodile adds up to a decently scary time in “Black Water: Abyss,” Andrew Traucki’s belated followup to the abyss-less 2007 original he co-directed with David Nerlich. This time, the tasty humans are trapped in an underground cavern during a flash flood, making for a situation […]

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‘Underwater’ Review: It’s Kristen Stewart vs. Sea Monsters, What More Do You Need?

How can such a predictable movie be so damn refreshing? In the storytelling department, Underwater is all washed-up, falling back on waterlogged horror cliches and heavily indebted to flicks like Alien, The Abyss, and The Descent. You know exactly where this freakshow is going from frame one. You know there will be loud clanging sounds […]

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Cannes: ‘Walking Dead’ Star Pollyanna McIntosh Unveils Directorial Debut ‘Darlin’ (Exclusive)

Pollyanna McIntosh – best known as the cunning Jadis in The Walking Dead – has wrapped production on her debut feature, which is now set to make its market debut in Cannes.Darlin’, which MPI Media Group will introduce to buyers, continues the twisted vicious adventure of Lucky McKee’s 2011 cult hit The Woman, which he […]

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