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Ray Fisher Confirms That He is No Longer Playing Cyborg in ‘The Flash’ Movie

Last week, rumors swirled that Justice League team member Cyborg had been written out of The Flash, which is currently in development at Warner Bros. Pictures. This supposedly came as a direct result of the controversy that has been brewing between co-star Ray Fisher and the studio in the wake of the actor’s allegations of […]

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‘The Flash’: George Clooney Says He Wasn’t Called To Play Batman Again

Ever since we first heard earlier this year that the cast of “The Flash” movie would include Batman, there have been rumors about which Batman actors would join the film. We know that Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton are joining the film, but what about George Clooney? Sadly, it appears he didn’t get the Bat-Signal.Read […]

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Marvel and DC Movies Will Flood Theaters in 2021 and 2022 — If They Can All Be Made in Time

Between the cascade of release date changes announced by Warner Bros. yesterday — including moving “Dune” to Oct. 1, 2021, “The Batman” to March 4, 2022 and “The Flash” to Nov. 4, 2022 — and Disney’s announcement on Sept. 23 that the studio was moving the bulk of its 2020 feature releases to 2021, it’s […]

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Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Black Adam’ Taken Off WB Schedule Amid Yet Another Covid-19 Reshuffle

As part of a yet another mass change to movie release dates brought on by (what else) the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Warner Bros. announced Monday night that “Black Adam,” based on the DC Comics character and starring Dwayne Johnson, has been taken off the schedule.Formerly slated to hit theaters 12/22/21, “Black Adam” is now undated. […]

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‘The Batman’ Delayed to 2022, ‘Matrix 4’ Release Moves Up

“The Batman” will no longer hit theaters in 2021. In another major release calendar overhaul, Warner Bros. has delayed the comic book adventure and a number of other movies, including “The Flash” and “Shazam 2.”“The Batman” — starring Robert Pattinson as the Caped Crusader — had been scheduled for Oct. 1, 2021. It’s now set […]

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‘The Flash’: Billy Crudup Back to Play Henry Allen in DC Superhero Movie

“The Morning Show” Emmy winning actor Billy Crudup is back in talks to play Henry Allen in DC Films and Warner Bros’ “The Flash,” according to an individual with knowledge of the project. For the non fanboy set, Henry Allen is the father of Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen.Crudup last played Henry Allen in 2017’s “Justice […]

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‘The Flash’: Barbara Muschietti Says Film “Restarts Everything”

We don’t know many things about the upcoming “Flash” movie, but we know two key things: it involves the multiverse, and a lot of Batmans. Now, thanks to producer Barbara Muschietti, we know something else, that the film will “restart everything.”Read More: ‘The Flash’: Filmmakers Unveil New Concept Art But Are Mum On The Future […]

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