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How ‘The Godfather Coda’ Allows Francis Ford Coppola to Redefine His Biggest Disappointment

Some people have never seen “The Godfather Part III” despite their love for Sofia Coppola, whose career behind the camera emerged from the ashes of her supposedly amateurish performance as Michael Corleone’s doomed teenager daughter in her father’s trilogy-capping epic. This writer had never seen “The Godfather Part III” because of my love for Sofia […]

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‘The Godfather: Part III’: New Cut of Film to Premiere in Theaters in December

A new cut of “The Godfather: Part III,” the final film in Francis Ford Coppola’s legendary crime trilogy, will premiere in theaters sometime in December.Paramount Pictures announced that the new edit, titled “Mario Puzo’s The Godfather Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone,” achieves director-screenwriter Coppola and screenwriter (Mario) Puzo’s original vision for the finale. The […]

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