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Superhero Bits: Fans Break ‘Justice League’ Blu-rays, ‘Green Lantern’ Show Will Have Cinematic Quality & More

Does Loki already have an order for a second season? How did Ray Porter get cast as Darkseid in Zack Snyder’s Justice League? Which star of The Magicians would like to play Batwoman? How did Ray Fisher respond to news of The Snyder Cut being released? Want to see a totally different version of Hyrdoman […]

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‘The Magicians’ Showrunners on That Series Finale, Happy Endings, and If This Is Really the End

Note: This interview contains full spoilers for the series finale of The Magicians. The Magicians is over. With the airing of the Season 5 finale, “Fillory and Further,” five years of insanely cool magic, shocking twists, emotional breakdowns, and yes, f-bombs galore has come to an end. It wasn’t exactly supposed to go this way. […]

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The Best Fantasy Shows on Netflix

In the mood to watch a genre series? Fantasy, sci-fi, superheroes, or a touch of horror? Well we (and Netflix) have you covered. From classics like The Twilight Zone and Star Trek: the Next Generation to quirky series The Magicians and Legends of Tomorrow — not to mention great Netflix originals like Jessica Jones — […]

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‘The Magicians’ Bosses on That Monstrous Ending and Season 4 Hints

[Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers from “The Magicians” Season 3 finale, “Will You Play With Me?”]While the season-long quest for all of the Seven Keys is technically over, the ordeal for Brakebill’s erstwhile students is not. In the Season 3 finale of “The Magicians,” Quentin (Jason Ralph) and his friends were just about to […]

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