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Sensation review – sensory hacking thriller comes on like a Tesco Value Matrix

You’ll need superhuman DNA, like protagonist Andrew, to understand this convoluted, untidy sci-fi conspiracy yarnThis sci-fi-laced British thriller, from Czech director Martin Grof, aims for lofty metaphysical heights but trips over its own feet. Next to the films it draws from, it’s like a Tesco Value version of The Matrix, or as if Inception was […]

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Netflix’s ‘The School for Good and Evil’ TV Series Adds Laurence Fishburne and Michelle Yeoh

Netflix keeps making the cast of The School for Good and Evil better and better. After Charlize Theron and Kerry Washington were cast in key roles last month, the streaming service and director Paul Feig announced the enrollment of two more fantastic cast members. Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix trilogy) and Michelle Yeoh (Crazy Rich Asians) […]

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‘A Glitch in the Matrix’ Review: This Movie Might Convince You That We’re Living in a Simulation

Rodney Ascher’s movies dwell on absurd theories until they start to make a weird kind of sense. His provocative feature-length debut “Room 237” mashed up a range of wild theories about the meaning of “The Shining” and his terrifying “The Nightmare” finds victims of sleep paralysis musing on whether they’ve had bonafide supernatural encounters. Now […]

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Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Black Adam’ Taken Off WB Schedule Amid Yet Another Covid-19 Reshuffle

As part of a yet another mass change to movie release dates brought on by (what else) the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Warner Bros. announced Monday night that “Black Adam,” based on the DC Comics character and starring Dwayne Johnson, has been taken off the schedule.Formerly slated to hit theaters 12/22/21, “Black Adam” is now undated. […]

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Does ‘Matrix 4’ Feature Young Morpheus? Not Even Laurence Fishburne Knows the Answer

Ever since Warner Bros. confirmed in August 2019 that “The Matrix” franchise would be revived for a fourth installment with Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, and writer-director Lana Wachowski, rumors have swirled the plot involves a bit of time travel and younger version of Morpheus. The young Morpheus storyline has been floating around since rumors swirled […]

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‘Scott Pilgrim’ Edgar Wright Revealed Robert Pattinson Auditioned For Chris Evans’ Role of Lucas Lee

Everyone likes a good alternate casting story. Imagine “The Lord of the Rings” with Jake Gyllenhaal as Frodo, or Will Smith as Neo in “The Matrix.” Well, can you imagine Robert Pattinson as the tough action movie star Lucas Lee in “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World“? Turns out, he almost had to fight Michael Cera […]

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‘The Matrix’s Lilly Wachowski Explains the Inherent Transness and Queerness of the Film

The Matrix is one of my most very favorite films. Released in 1999, the original action-sci-fi-cyberpunk extravaganza introduced Western audiences to Eastern philosophies and filmmaking styles, revolutionized what we can expect in our blockbuster’s action sequences and narrative complexities, and cemented the wondrous mystique of Keanu Reeves. Since its release, the film’s directors, Lilly and […]

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‘The Matrix’ Trilogy, ‘Jurassic Park’ Among Popular Films Leaving Peacock Soon

If you want to jack in to “The Matrix” trilogy, adventure with the denizens of “Shrek,” or set course for the first three “Jurassic Park” films, do it soon: Said films will be leaving Peacock at the end of the month.IndieWire has confirmed that those specific features, among others, will be taken off of the […]

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