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Michelle Yeoh, martial arts and the multiverse: inside the year’s wildest movie

Genre-bending hit Everything Everywhere All at Once is being called 2022’s first genuine masterpiece, a hugely inventive fantasy inspired by The MatrixThere’s a line Michelle Yeoh delivers in Everything Everywhere All at Once that surely resonates with everyone in this day and age: “Very busy today – no time to help you.”The internet has broken […]

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‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’: Michelle Yeoh Carries A Bold & Boundless Multiverse Spectacle [SXSW]

“Everything Everywhere All At Once” carries a surprising sci-fi staidness for the loony directors behind “Swiss Army Man,” until a character, after ingesting a chock full of pink chapstick, magically becomes a martial arts master, decimating the security guards patrolling a drab IRS office in the process. In Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert’s bold and […]

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Year Of The Vampire: Blade Day-Walked So Other Superheroes And Vampire Hunters Could Run

(Welcome to Year of the Vampire, a series examining the greatest, strangest, and sometimes overlooked vampire movies of all time in honor of “Nosferatu,” which turns 100 this year.)In 1998, a year before “The Matrix” and two years before the first live-action “X-Men” movie, a superhero arrived in a trench coat, black leather, and dark […]

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Chinese Netizens Rage at Keanu Reeves Over Tibet Stance

Chinese nationalists are threatening to boycott the recently-released sci-fi blockbuster “The Matrix: Resurrections” as news about its star Keanu Reeves joining the Tibet House U.S. Benefit Concert in March spread across mainland China social media.The backlash from angry Chinese patriots known as “little pinks,” the term for an informal army of young nationalists who often […]

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The Matrix Resurrections Star Jessica Henwick Helps Bring The Matrix Back To Life [Interview]

Audiences couldn’t have asked for a much cooler tour guide through The Matrix than Bugs. The new hero, played by actress Jessica Henwick, helps ease viewers back into the Wachowskis’ world with a bang in “The Matrix Resurrections.” Bugs is, as Henwick says, the audience’s eyes, and the performer has a lot of heavy lifting […]

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Here’s Why Morpheus Looks Different In The Matrix Resurrections

“It’s the question that drives us. It’s the question that brought you here.””What is the Matrix?”And why does Morpheus look different in “The Matrix Resurrections?”With his pince-nez glasses, black trench coat, and measured diction, Laurence Fishburne made an indelible impression as Morpheus in “The Matrix” in 1999. Fishburne went on to reprise his iconic role […]

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The Matrix Resurrections Credits Scene Explained: Movies Are Dead

“The Matrix Resurrections” is in theaters (and on HBO Max) right now, so feel free to jack back in at your earliest convenience. Since this is a sequel in a massive blockbuster franchise, you’re probably wondering if there’s a credits scene to help set up the future of “The Matrix.” Well, buckle up, folks, because “The […]

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So Is The Matrix Online Still Canon Or Not?

This article contains major spoilers for “The Matrix Resurrections.”In the mid-to-late 2000s, after the back-to-back sequels “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolutions” landed in 2003, the mythology and world of “The Matrix” carried on in an Mmorpg (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) that was appropriately dubbed “The Matrix Online.” The idea behind this game […]

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