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Matt Dillon’s still ready to rumble: ‘I have never lived a sheltered life’

He’s played a teen tearaway, a racist cop, a conman and a serial killer. But can he play a cellist? The star talks about his role in Yorgos Lanthimos’s first film since The Favourite – and making a jazz documentaryIn his time, Matt Dillon has been about as quintessentially American a screen presence as you […]

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‘Megalopolis’: Francis Ford Coppola Confirms Jude Law & Shia Labeouf Approached For Roles

Despite being a man that just hit the age of 80, filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola is only now making the film that he feels is his dream project. After various awards and the adoration of film fans around the world, thanks to classics like “The Godfather” series, “Apocalypse Now,” “The Cotton Club,” “Patton,” and “The […]

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Diane Lane: ‘It’s a relief to be the protagonist instead of the girlfriend’

After more than 40 years in the spotlight, the actor is about to be more prominent than ever, starring in the final season of House of CardsAfter more than 40 years as an actor, Diane Lane is thankful for one thing: her scripts no longer routinely include the line: “He’ll kill us if he finds […]

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