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Prey Opens the Door for a Broader Exploration of Human History

For decades, the Predator franchise has struggled to stay relevant and exciting post-the original 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger led-movie. While the original has been beloved since it was released, Predator 2 made less money and struggled to find critical success on its own. Even though it has since seen new life as a cult classic, it […]

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The Predator’s Most Famous Feature Came From The Mind Of James Cameron

Dutch had it right when he told the Predator, “You’re one ugly motherf*****.” Even if you haven’t seen any of “The Predator” films, you probably know what the extraterrestrial hunter looks like. The alien’s anatomy is designed to be distinctive, frightening, and memorable even to the most casual of sci-fi/horror audiences. So much so that, […]

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‘Point Blank’: Robert Downey Jr. & Shane Black Reunite For A New ‘Parker’ Film At Amazon

In the 1980s and 1990s, writer Shane Black became one of Hollywood’s most highly paid screenwriters when he reinvented the action genre by revitalizing buddy cop tropes. Films like “Lethal Weapon” and “The Last Boy Scout” turned him into the rare famous screenwriting name, but eventually, he would turn towards his own directing career. While […]

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Everything We Know About Prey, The Predator Prequel, So Far

Like its titular monster, the “Predator” movie franchise has proven very hard to kill, even after multiple sequels and crossovers that’ve seen wildly varying results when it comes to their financial success and, most importantly, their actual quality. The plan was for Shane Black’s 2018 quasi-reboot “The Predator” to usher in a shiny new era […]

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‘Predator 5’: Producers Compare Dan Trachtenberg’s New Film To ‘The Revenant’ & Are Open To PG-13 Rating

“Predator 5” also known as “Skulls” coming from director Dan Trachtenberg (“10 Cloverfield,” “Black Mirror,” “The Boys“) has been shooting in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with a mostly unknown cast. Producers John Davis and David Fox have now dished to Collider about the fifth installment giving some insight into the secretive fifth installment.Read More: ‘Predator’ Franchise […]

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‘In The Shadow Of The Moon’ Trailer: Jim Mickle Directs Netflix Thriller Which Sends Boyd Holbrook Crazy

When it comes to the police, they always want to catch their man, no matter how long they’ve eluded them. Well ‘In The Shadow Of The Moon’ sees a copper chase a serial killer who resurfaces every nine years. Boyd Holbrook, who has “Logan” and the rebooted “The Predator” films under his acting belt, will […]

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