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‘It’ Producer to Develop Wilderness Horror Movie ‘Sunburnt Country’

A feature film adaptation of Gabriel Bergmoser’s novel ”Sunburnt Country” is in development from “It” producer Roy Lee alongside Jon Berg and Greg Silverman.The story centers on a pair of millennial backpackers who go off-roading in the Australian wilderness and stumble upon a reclusive backwater town where they quickly realize that the locals hunt and […]

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‘Sadako’ Review: The ‘Ringu’ Well Is Running Dry with Another Stale Sequel | Fantasia 2019

In terms of genre cycles, J-horror seems about ready for a revival. Hideo Nakata’s Ringu (1998) was a horror game-changer that helped launch a flurry of atmospheric, slow-burn paranormal horrors built around striking visuals and oppressive dread. When the trend hit North American shores with Gore Verbinski’s remake The Ring (2002), it likewise spawned a […]

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‘Sadako’ Review: The Director of ‘Ringu’ Returns to the Franchise With an Underwhelming Sequel [Fantasia Film Festival 2019]

Ringu director Hideo Nakata returns from whence he came with Sadako, another J-Horror offshoot inspired by Kôji Suzuki’s malevolent novels. Audiences more familiar with Gore Verbinski’s The Ring remake should understand this foreign import favors storytelling over paralyzing scares – or, at least attempts to highlight scripted intrigue. That’s not to say previous Ringu-adjacent titles […]

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