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Saul Bass’s Only Credit as Director Is a Weird Horror Movie About Ants

Even if you don’t know his name, you’ve seen his work: the hypnotic, dizzying poster for Vertigo (and its iconic opening credit sequence), the vaguely horrifying original poster for The Shining, and a pretty sizable selection of household logos, from Lawry’s to the goddamn Girl Scouts. On top of that, legendary graphic designer Saul Bass […]

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There’s Only One Thing Stephen King Hates as Much as Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’

We all know that Stephen King hates the 1980 movie adaptation of The Shining, but there’s one thing that he hates more than what Stanley Kubrick did to his novel and that’s the documentary Room 237. The 2012 doc, which speculates on The Shining‘s hidden meanings, is one of the most fascinating examples of the […]

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‘Pet Sematary: Bloodlines’ Review: Paramount+ Resurrects a Property That Hardly Needed a Prequel

Evil, as conceived by Stephen King, is an inexorable force as old as the world itself. It exists in countless forms, some of which can be staved off for a time but none of which can be extinguished permanently. It’s as much a part of the earth as it is a part of us, and […]

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The Haunting at 60: is it still one of the scariest films ever made?

Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg count the slow-burn 1963 horror as one of the greatest of all time but it wasn’t always seen as a classicThere’s a strange kind of pride that many people take in not being frightened by certain celebrated horror films. “Oh, it’s not scary at all,” they’ll say loftily about The […]

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This Stephen King Movie Shows He’s at His Best With Real-Life Horror

In 2017, Mike Flanagan proved he could accomplish the impossible: Adapting Stephen King’s horrific novel Gerald’s Game into a film. Stephen King, one of the most recognizable horror authors ever, is no stranger to using the supernatural to scare his audience. From the frightening vampires in Salem‘s Lot to the ghosts of The Shining, he […]

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This Was the Best Year for Horror Movies

2022 was seen as one of the best years in horror history. Part of that success came from how unexpected it was. Yes, there was the anticipation around popular franchises like Scream and Halloween, but it was the surprises that made the year so memorable. Who expected much from the straight-to-Hulu release of Prey? Instead, […]

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Stanley Kubrick Made ‘The Shining’ Cast Watch This David Lynch Movie

In the late 70s, Stanley Kubrick was directing The Shining as an unprecedentedly surreal, terrifying, and complex horror film. With a special blend of mystery and suspense that begs the audience to contemplate its intricacies, The Shining was really unlike most horror films to come before it. However, Kubrick did manage to find a kindred […]

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