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Maya Rudolph and Tina Fey Are Ghosts of ‘SNL’ Past in ‘The Shining’ Parody — Watch

The border between the Overlook Hotel and Studio 8H blurs in this clever sketch from this week’s episode of “Saturday Night Live,” hosted by Maya Rudolph. “The Maya-ing” is a warm and endearing sketch, despite riffing on a very icy and unsettling movie, that brings a handful of “Saturday Night Live” alumni back into the […]

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‘Come True’ Review: A Hypnotic Dream Thriller About a Creepy Sleep Study

“Come True” wears its many influences on its sleeve, notably the work of David Cronenberg and Philip K. Dick, “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Donnie Darko,” with nods to “The Shining,” “Night of the Living Dead” and “The Terminator” thrown in for good measure. Nonetheless, filmmaker Anthony Scott Burns (“Our House”) melds those inspirations […]

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‘The Night’ Review: Farsi-Language Horror Thriller Set in an L.A. Hotel Delivers Classy Scares

Demons of the mind come alive in a cavernous Los Angeles hotel in “The Night,” a scary and stylish psychological horror thriller by Iranian American director Kourosh Ahari. Featuring excellent performances by Shahab Hosseini and Niousha Jafarian (“Here and Now”) as a married couple with a baby daughter and a frayed relationship, this predominantly Farsi-language […]

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Zac Efron Starring in ‘Firestarter’ Reboot From Blumhouse, Universal

Zac Efron will star in “Firestarter,” a new adaptation of Stephen King’s classic novel.The film centers on a young girl who develops pyrokinetic powers and the ability to see the future. She is abducted by a mysterious government agency that plans to weaponize her superhuman skills. The film is backed by Universal Pictures, Blumhouse Productions […]

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‘Violation’ Review: Disturbing Rape-Revenge Thriller Subverts Genre Trappings

You know something terrible is going to happen when the early moments of a film greets you with an obvious reference to “The Shining” — in the case of the time-and-memory-twisting psychological horror “Violation,” the bird’s-eye view of a lone car, creeping ahead on a narrow road through dense trees, accompanied by a screechy score. […]

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Kevin Bacon in ‘You Should Have Left’: Film Review

In a good haunted-house thriller, architecture is destiny. Early on in “You Should Have Left,” when Theo (Kevin Bacon), a wealthy retired banker with a tabloid scandal in his past, shows up with his movie-actress wife, Susanna (Amanda Seyfried), and their six-year-old daughter, Ella (Avery Essex), at the vacation home they’ve rented for a getaway […]

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‘Doctor Sleep’ Filmmaker Mike Flanagan Returning To Stephen King Onscreen With ‘Revival’

Deadline has confirmed that Doctor Sleep filmmaker Mike Flanagan is returning to the Stephen King world onscreen with a feature adaptation of the author’s 2013 novel Revival.Flanagan is adapting with an option to direct, we hear. He’ll be producing with Trevor Macy, his Intrepid Pictures partner.Revival follows Reverend Charles Jacobs, a minister in Harlow, Maine, […]

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