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‘Firestarter’ Review: They’re Remaking This? Zac Efron Stars in a Stephen King Rehash That Does Not Burn Brightly

In the ’70s and early ’80s, the era that defined him, Stephen King came up with a whole lot of horror-story metaphors for anger. There was Carrie, the angry telekinetic nerd-turned-pranked-prom-demon, and Christine the angry car, and Cujo the angry dog, and the novel that was the greatest of King’s rage mythologies — “The Shining,” […]

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‘The Shining’ Ax Purchased for 175,000 at Auction, Swings Into Colorado’s Stanley Film Center

Hereeee’s Stanley!The ax that Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) used to torture his family in “The Shining” officially will be the centerpiece of the new Stanley Film Center in Estes Park, Colorado. The iconic prop from Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 film based on Stephen King’s novel sold for a reported 175,000 at auction.An anonymous buyer has donated […]

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The Daily Stream: Doctor Sleep Is The Best Of Both Stephen King And Stanley Kubrick

(Welcome to The Daily Stream, an ongoing series in which the /Film team shares what they’ve been watching, why it’s worth checking out, and where you can stream it.)The Movie: “Doctor Sleep” (2019)Where You Can Stream It: HBO MaxThe Pitch: Mike Flanagan’s sequel to “The Shining” quickly fizzled at the box office, but it’s actually […]

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This David Lynch Film Had A Major Influence On The Shining

No one conjures up surrealist nightmares quite like David Lynch. If you’re trying to convince your significant other to not have children, fewer films will do the trick better than “Eraserhead.” Even when Lynch’s 1977 experimental horror film is steeped in its own surreal, twisted purgatory, the existential terror of unplanned parenthood is never not […]

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The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Was Always A ‘Serious’ Show

Will Smith has landed in Bel-Air. No, not the original Fresh Prince, but Jabari Banks’ new iteration of the character in the Peacock remake “Bel-Air.” The series premiered last weekend, following a long journey that began in March 2019 with the release of filmmaker Morgan Cooper’s four-minute “Bel-Air” fan film.There’s a niche sub-genre of parody […]

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‘Shining Vale’ Trailer: Courteney Cox Beats Writer’s Block with an Ax à la ‘The Shining’

On the heels of the fifth “Scream” film, Courteney Cox is returning to the small screen to play another struggling writer, but this time, she’s partnering with a ghostly presence for a bustier-busting romance novel.Horror dramedy “Shining Vale” premieres Sunday, March 6, on Starz with two back-to-back episodes. The series follows Pat (Cox) as she […]

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