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‘The Stand’ Episode 5 Recap: Buy The Ticket & Take the Ride With ‘Fear And Loathing In New Vegas’

C.S.Lewisonce wrote, “You can be good for the mere sake of goodness; you cannot be badfor the mere sake of badness.” Mr. Lewis obviously never met Stephen King,though, and he certainly never saw Randall Flagg (Alexander Skarsgård) in New Vegas, where theidea of being bad as a hobby goes pro. With nearly every character nowintroduced, […]

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‘The Stand’ Episode 3 Recap: The Series Exposes Its Seams By Over-Stuffing “Blank Page,” Which Is Anything But

Need a second to catch your breath to settle into the world of “The Stand” after two hours of dual-timeframe world-building and about 8 new characters? Too bad. In “Blank Page,” the series’ most dense episode to date, the audience meets no less than three new characters, get further information on the established player’s pre/post-pandemic, […]

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Amber Heard Is “Super Excited” About ‘Justice League’ Reshoots: “I F*cking Love Nerds”

Amber Heard might be recovering from her personal life being put on display in front of the entire world due to the recent Johnny Depp lawsuit against a British tabloid, but it appears that the actress still has plenty of professional gigs to be excited about, including the upcoming series “The Stand” and the new […]

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‘The Stand’ Nycc Trailer: Stephen King’s Apocalyptic Pandemic Vision Looks Scarier Than Ever

Based on Stephen King’s best-selling novel, the full trailer for “The Stand” debuted yesterday at New York Comic-Con. “The Stand” is King’s apocalyptic vision of a world decimated by plague and embroiled in an elemental struggle between good and evil, sounds timely, right? Cast members Whoopi Goldberg, James Marsden, Greg Kinnear, Odessa Young, Jovan Adepo, […]

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‘The Stand’ Trailer: CBS All Access Adaptation of Stephen King Novel to Premiere in December

“The Stand,” the upcoming limited series adaptation of one of horror author Stephen King’s most celebrated novels, premieres on CBS All Access on December 17. ViacomCBS released a trailer for the 9-episode project on Friday.Per ViacomCBS, “The Stand” is King’s apocalyptic vision of a world decimated by plague and embroiled in an elemental struggle between […]

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“A Hundred Shooting Days and Almost a Hundred Scripted Locations”: Mick Garris on 1994’s Stephen King’s The Stand

When Stephen King published The Stand in 1978, the book represented a major increase in scale and ambition for the author, whose story of a nationwide battle between forces of good and evil was both his longest and most sophisticated novel to date. 16 years later director Mick Garris took a similar leap when he […]

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