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‘Ava’ Takes Over as the Top VOD Choice, with Thriller ‘Alone’ Still Strong

With “Mulan” arriving on more platforms October 6 and non-premium VOD titles like “The Witches” and Amazon’s “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” later this month, the home-viewing market was on pause with no new premium titles this weekend. That didn’t stop Jessica Chastain’s “Ava,” however: It had the best showing for a non-premium title in the six […]

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‘The Tax Collector’ Review: There’s More Madness Than Method to Shia Labeouf’s Latest Extreme Character

You wouldn’t know it from the marketing campaign, but Shia Labeouf is not the star of “The Tax Collector.” And for once, the actor isn’t the most interesting thing about a film he’s involved with — this despite the fact that he’s attracted a lot of press over getting his chest tattooed for the part. […]

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‘The Tax Collector’ Review: Shia Labeouf’s Racist Caricature Isn’t the Only Problem Here

Shia Labeouf can give complex, transportive performances, with rough and edgy bursts of messy antics slathered on top of soul. Sadly, “The Tax Collector” is not “American Honey.” In writer-director David Ayer’s bland L.A. crime saga about a pair of drug lord minions caught in the crosshairs of a larger war, Labeouf stares and struts […]

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