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Trailer Round-Up: ‘Our Friend’, ‘Alien Xmas’, ‘Breach’, ‘Hunter Hunter’, ‘The Ultimate Playlist of Noise’, ‘Skyfire’

The time has come once again for us to get our lassos and round-up some pesky trailers that escaped from the trailer farm! And then we’ll, uh, milk them. Okay, this metaphor has gone off the rails. In any case, a trailer round-up is where we put together trailers for some smaller titles that deserve […]

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‘The Ultimate Playlist Of Noise’ Trailer: An Ailing Teen Creates His Bucklist Playlist In Hulu’s YA Film

One teenager’s collision course with an unavoidable fate highlights the Hulu original “The Ultimate Playlist of Noise.” The film revolves around a high school senior whose world is turned upside down by a serious diagnosis. What unfolds afterward is a quest to create something lasting, ultimately finding meaning in the very things he took for […]

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