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‘The Vault’ Review: Freddie Highmore Helps a Team Break Into an Unbreakable Bank

Retitled from the even more indistinct “Way Down” for U.S. release, Spanish heist “The Vault” stubbornly remains one of those movies you know you’ll be forgetting almost as soon as you finish watching it. There’s nothing really wrong with this glossy tale of a “mission impossible” raid on a heavily fortified Madrid bank to retrieve […]

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‘The Vault’ Trailer: ‘[Rec]’ Director Delivers a Bank Heist Thriller

Jaume Balagueró, who directed three out of four of the Spanish-language [Rec] horror films, is taking on a different genre in The Vault, a new thriller starring Freddie Highmore and Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth from Game of Thrones). This is a heist thriller set in Spain, in which a grizzled master […]The post ‘The Vault’ […]

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‘The Dark Red’: Film Review

One of three directors who first won attention with 2007’s excellent three-part thriller “The Signal” (not to be confused with another enterprising sci-fi-tinged indie of that title from 2014), Dan Bush has made several interesting genre features on his own since then. Like cloning fantasy “The Reconstruction of William Zero” and bank robbery-turned-monster movie “The […]

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