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‘The Wanting Mare’ Is A Lyrical Fable That Trades Away Substance For Experience [Review]

A sort of lyrical fable about a world and time with only the vaguest anchor in something resembling a coherent narrative, “The Wanting Mare” is less of a movie and more of an experience. Spanning multiple generations, and using characters like set dressing, the film by writer/director Nicholas Ashe Bateman looks great, feels profound, and […]

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‘The Wanting Mare’ Review: A Visually Transporting Fable With a Stubbornly Opaque Story

The explanatory text that opens “The Wanting Mare,” Nicholas Ashe Bateman’s ambitious, epoch-spanning directing debut, informs us that in the city of Whithren, citizens are desperate to escape by booking passage on the once-a-year transport ship that carries wild horses to the wintry promised land of Levithen. These words, a fantasist’s delight, only barely set […]

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‘The Wanting Mare’ Trailer: This Post-Apocalyptic Indie Is One of 2021’s First Fantasy Gems

One of the most highly anticipated undistributed films of 2020 was Nicholas Ashe Bateman’s feature debut “The Wanting Mare,” a VFX-heavy fantasy that spans generations and the cosmos. After festival play and online buzz, the film has finally found a home thanks to Gravitas Ventures, which will launch “Wanting Mare” in available theaters and on […]

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