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Serve the servants: why cinema loves to play with class stereotypes

As a new drama about India’s caste system shows, films about the upper crust and their downstairs domestics are often surprisingly subversive“India is two countries in one,” our hero Balram observes in The White Tiger: there is an India of light, preserve of the rich and powerful; and an India of darkness, where millions toil […]

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The 7 Best Movies New to Netflix in January 2021

Netflix enters 2021 with a January slate that’s shaped by the lingering weirdness of 2020, as a month that’s typically full of (recently re-licensed) franchise movies and new seasons of “Sex Education” has mutated into a deep grab bag of second-tier Oscar contenders, festival pick-ups, and a handful of comfort food classics that could double […]

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‘The White Tiger’ Prowls Into Awards Season With Notable Performances From Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Newcomer Adarsh Gourav

A new discovery is always welcomed in Hollywood, and breakout star Adarsh Gourav makes his presence well known in Netflix’s “The White Tiger.” Written and directed by acclaimed director Ramin Bahrani, the ambitious and intriguing tale is likely to draw lazy comparisons to Danny Boyle’s Oscar-winning “Slumdog Millionaire,” due to mere geographic location. Much darker […]

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‘The White Tiger’ Trailer: Ramin Bahrani, Priyanka Chopra Tackle India’s Class Struggles in Netflix’s Darkly Comic Adaptation

In 2008, Indian author Aravind Adiga published The White Tiger, a searing, darkly comic account of the underbelly of Indian society and the horrifying lengths that one man would take to break out of its rigid class structure. It was an astounding debut novel, especially coming in the same year that the notoriously sentimental Slumdog […]

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‘The White Tiger’ Trailer: Ramin Bahrani, Priyanka Chopra Tackle the Beloved Indian Novel for Netflix

Ramin Bahrani has been close friends with novelist Aravind Adiga since college, inspiring Adiga to dedicate his 2008 Man Booker Prize-winning novel “The White Tiger” to Bahrani. That dedication on the novel’s very first page comes full circle on Netflix this December with the release of the film version of “The White Tiger” on the […]

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Priyanka Chopra-Jonas to Star in Adaptation of ‘The White Tiger’ for Netflix

Priyanka Chopra-Jonas will lead an adaptation of the Man Booker-winning novel The White Tiger, which is set up at Netflix.Ramin Bahrani, who recently directed Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon in HBO’s Fahrenheit 451, will helm from a script he wrote.Rajkummar Rao will star alongside Chopra and newcomer Adarsh Gourav in the feature, which will […]

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