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Black Panther proves the best villains are those who could have been heroes

Like Terminator and Darth Vader, Erik Killmonger’s evil is all the more compelling when we find out the wrong turn he has takenWhen Empire magazine published its list of the all-time top 50 villains in cinema in 2016, there was no place for any of the Marvel cinematic universe’s many baddies. In fact, only a […]

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Ryan Coogler Explains Why ‘Black Panther’ Didn’t Include A Key Marvel Connection

**Spoilers Ahead**Maybe there’s something to be said for Marvel movies that don’t have a hardline connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Last fall’s “Thor: Ragnarok” was (mostly) content to riff on its own irreverent spirit, and if you hadn’t seen the previous ‘Thor’ flicks or last couple McU entries you’d still (mostly) be fine. The […]

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‘Black Panther’ Pounces on $169 Million in International Box Office

Disney-Marvel’s superhero tentpole “Black Panther” has launched with a massive $169 million in about 70% of international markets.The opening gave “Black Panther,” starring Chadwick Boseman as the king of a mythical African nation, a worldwide total of $361 million through Sunday. South Korea led the way with $25.3 million, representing the fifth biggest launch of […]

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