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Ken Watanabe on Filming the ‘Tense,’ ‘Scary’ Finale to ‘Tokyo Vice’ and Plans for an ‘Exciting’ Season 2

Welcome to My Favorite Moment! In a new week-long series IndieWire spoke to the actors behind just a few of our favorite television performances of the year about how the onscreen moment they are most proud of came together.[Editor’s Note: The following interview contains spoilers for “Tokyo Vice” through Season 1, Episode 8, “Yoshino.”]Before Ken […]

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‘Tokyo Vice’ Under Fire for Misleading Source Material: ‘I Don’t Think Half of That Stuff in the Book Happened’

One of the spring’s highest profile new television series was “Tokyo Vice” on HBO Max. The show tells the story of Jake Adelstein, the real life American journalist who built a career as a crime reporter in Tokyo, establishing deep relationships with members of the city’s criminal underworld to document the dealings of the Yakuza.He […]

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Tokyo Vice Creator J.T. Rogers And Star Ansel Elgort On Immersion, Pacing, And A Possible Season 2 [Interview]

J.T. Rogers is a Tony Award-winning writer whose first produced TV credit was last year’s HBO movie “Oslo.” Now he’s stepping up his game in a major way as the creator and showrunner of “Tokyo Vice,” a sleek crime drama that boasts Michael Mann as a director and actors like Ansel Elgort (“West Side Story“) and […]

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Tokyo Vice Actor Ken Watanabe On The Duality Of His Character And Working With Michael Mann [Interview]

Whether you recognize him from movies like “Batman Begins,” “Inception,” “The Last Samurai,” or from the “Let them fight” meme that spawned from “Godzilla: King of the Monsters,” you know Ken Watanabe. Since breaking out into a global star, the acclaimed Japanese actor has dipped in and out of TV miniseries and the occasional made-for-tv movie, but “Tokyo Vice,” the […]

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15 TV Shows To Watch In April: ‘Slow Horses,’ ‘Tokyo Vice’ & ‘Barry’

We continue to repeat ourselves, but it’s because it’s true —there’s a terrific amount of television coming out on a month-to-month basis currently, and so much of it looks so good it arguably borders on eating cinema’s lunch. While based on the prestige that follows it, we’re able to tell the absolute must-watches such as […]

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