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nWave producing Don Quixote-inspired animation from ‘Toy Story’ writers (exclusive)

The Brussels-based company’s ‘Bigfoot Family’ recently sold to Netflix.An animated feature based on the story of Don Quixote is in production at Brussels-based animation studio nWave Pictures, scripted by two of the screenwriters behind Toy Story.Alec Sokolow and Joel Cohen have written the feature, which will be directed by Jérémie Degruson and has a budget […]

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‘Pixar Popcorn’ Trailer: Disney+ to Premiere Animated Shorts Featuring Iconic Characters

A slew of new animated shorts featuring iconic Pixar characters are slated to debut January 22 on Disney+.Disney announced on Tuesday that the shorts, collectively titled “Pixar Popcorn,” would feature characters from acclaimed films ranging from “Toy Story” and “Soul,” to “The Incredibles” and “Cars.” The company also announced the names for the shorts on […]

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I raised my kids on Pixar – and it has ruined classic cinema for them | Zoe Williams

Having grown up on Toy Story and Up, this generation has zero tolerance for slow pacing or only mild amusementI was recently scrolling through Christmas films at the cinema opposite the kids’ school, picturing the happy scene where I arrive unexpectedly outside the gates, on 17 December or thereabouts, wearing flashing reindeer horns, and bear […]

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Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham Estate Opens for Drive-In Movies

British moviegoers will be able to feel like royalty thanks to a drive-in film series hosted at Queen Elizabeth II’s Sandringham Estate.Starting on Sept. 25, the 20,000-acre private home of Queen Elizabeth and several previous monarchs will screen award-winning movies, like “1917,” “A Star Is Born,” “Bohemian Rhapsody” and more.Sam Mendes’ Oscar-winning war film will […]

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‘Animation Outlaws’: Film Review

Mike Gribble, co-founder of Spike & Mike’s Festival of Animation, was just 42 years old when he passed away from pancreatic cancer in 1994 — an awful case of a larger-than-life film-world figure dying before his work was done. That probably would have been the perfect time for Kat Alioshin’s short, oh-so-adulatory “Animation Outlaws,” which […]

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Cool Stuff: Celebrate Pixar with Hallmark’s 2020 Christmas Ornaments for ‘Onward’, ‘Inside Out’ & More

Whenever Hallmark releases their line-up of ornaments for the new year, there are a plethora of them inspired by the movies of Pixar Animation. This year is no exception as the ornaments include characters from Inside Out, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles 2, Wall-e, Toy Story, Monsters Inc., and one of the recurring Easter eggs from […]

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‘Onward’ on Track to Earn $40 Million Box Office Opening

Disney/Pixar’s “Onward” is heading for a $40 million opening weekend after making an estimated $12.1 million on Friday from 4,310 screens. While that hits the lower end of $40-45 million pre-release projections set by Disney and independent trackers, that result would still stand as one of the lowest opening weekends ever for a Pixar release.Only […]

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