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Kristen Stewart Thinks She’s Probably Only Made ‘Five Really Good Films’

Kristen Stewart has a self-deprecating approach to her career spanning more than 50 films, and that took flight with the release of the “Twilight” franchise. The actress, now an Oscar contender for her turn as Princess Diana in Pablo Larraín’s upcoming festival favorite “Spencer,” spoke to the Sunday Times (via Yahoo) about her body of […]

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Justin Chon And Alicia Vikander Search For The Definition Of Home In Blue Bayou [Interview]

Justin Chon has come a long way since he wowed Sundance audiences with his 2017 film “Gook.” The writer and director of “Blue Bayou” is many years removed from being “that funny Asian guy” from “Twilight” who directed and starred in the provocative black-and-white drama about two Korean-American brothers on the first day of the […]

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eOne seals UK and Ireland output and library deal with pay-tv broadcaster Sky

Titles from eOne’s library will be available to Sky Cinema customers.eOne has secured a pay-tv output deal with Sky covering the UK and Ireland for select new releases and almost 200 library titles.Catalogue titles in the deal include the Twilight and Divergent franchises, Young Victoria, Dallas Buyers Club and Looper.The new releases will include the […]

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Catherine Hardwicke On Working With Quibi And Coming-Of-Age Stories [Interview]

As the director behind films such as “Twilight,” “Lords of Dogtown” and “Thirteen,” director Catherine Hardwicke has a strong eye for poignant and differing ways in telling the coming of age story. Her latest venture finds her in the home of Quibi, the very niche streaming service that has seen big talent but little critical […]

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Anna Kendrick Compares “Miserable” Time Filming ‘Twilight’ To Surviving A “Hostage Situation”

Trauma is an incredibly harmful thing to endure. Perhaps you suffer from trauma stemming from a violent experience. Maybe it’s an emotionally abusive relationship. Some people have alcoholism and drug addiction in their family, leading to traumatic situations. Needless to say there’s a number of ways that trauma can creep into someone’s life. You know, […]

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Pattinson Wants to Boost Star Power with ‘Tenet’ and ‘Batman,’ Which Bodes Well for His Indies

After spending years solely working on independent films, Robert Pattinson will be starring in two mega-blockbusters. The upcoming July release of Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” marks Pattinson’s first studio tentpole since he said goodbye to the “Twilight” franchise in 2012. The actor is also playing Bruce Wayne/Batman in Matt Reeves’ 2021 comic book tentpole “The Batman.” […]

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Explain it to me quickly: is Robert Pattinson trolling us with his horrifying pasta dish?

The actor has shared an unorthodox pasta recipe involving sugar, pre-sliced cheese and an exploding microwave. One Guardian Australia staffer explains it to another, quicklyHi Alyx. Why is everyone messaging me about Robert Pattinson’s chaotic pasta?Robert Pattinson, the Twilight star-turned-arthouse-powerhouse, has used his cover profile with GQ as an opportunity to promote his dream business […]

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New ‘Twilight’ Book ‘Midnight Sun’ Announced; What Does This Mean for the Movies?

This morning, Twilight author Stephenie Meyer announced that the long-awaited book Midnight Sun would finally arrive on August 4th. Midnight Sun has had a dramatic history with parts of the uncompleted novel being leaked online in 2008. The book follows the events of Twilight but from Edward’s perspective. Meyer made the draft of the twelve […]

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Robert Pattinson Jokes He’ll Turn to ‘Arthouse Porn’ If ‘Batman’ Goes Badly

After several years spent working with some of the best independent and foreign filmmakers (this year alone brought collaborations with Claire Denis on “High Life” and Robert Eggers on “The Lighthouse”), Robert Pattinson is finally gearing up to return to studio blockbusters with two Warner Bros’ tentpoles: Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” and Matt Reeves’ “The Batman.” […]

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