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‘False Positive’ Trailer: Ilana Glazer Stars In New A24 Childbirth Horror Film Coming To Hulu In July

Since its inception in 2012, A24 has given Blumhouse a run for its money as the independent studio doing the most to boost the horror film’s critical legitimacy with contemporary audiences. A lot of that has to do with Ari Aster, Robert Eggers, and their movies, but there are plenty of other strong genre releases […]

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A Comprehensive Theory of Jonathan Glazer’s Oeuvre, and How New Short ‘Strasbourg 1518’ Connects

During a globally stressful moment like this one, it is tempting to read prophecy into even the most anodyne relics of the Before Times. But you don’t have to see an image of a giant coronavirus in a billboard behind Captain America, or freak out that a long-haired, quarantined Rapunzel lives in a kingdom called […]

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‘Under the Skin’: Jonathan Glazer’s Cult Hit Could Become a Television Series

A television series based on Jonathan Glazer’s “Under the Skin” could be on its way, but a brewing bidding war between A24 and Silver Reel needs to be settled first.Deadline is reporting that Silver Reel, the company that produced the original Scarlett Johansson-starring film, is angling for the TV rights to the movie, which was […]

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Jordan Peele Approves of This Horrifying ‘Cats’ and ‘Us’ Trailer Mash-Up — Watch

Film journalists have already reacted in horror to the first trailer for Universal’s “Cats” musical adaptation, but that’s nothing compared to the overwhelming response from social media users. Less than 24 hours after the trailer’s debut, a viral meme mixing the “Cats” footage with popular music scores has taken over Twitter with terrifying results. One […]

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‘Monos’ Review: Thrilling Saga is ‘Lord of the Flies’ With Guerrilla Warfare — Sundance

“Monos” takes place in the dense jungles and foggy mountaintops of northern Colombia, but it may as well be another planet. Director Alejandro Landes’ thrilling survivalist saga tracks a dysfunctional group of young militants as they traipse through perilous terrain, engaging in savage behavior while toying with their mortified American hostage (Julianne Nicholson), but they […]

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