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‘The Humans’ Review: Stephen Karam Adapts His Tony-Winning Play into the First Real Horror Movie About 9/11

Every film made in response to 9/11 is a horror film in one way or another, but none of them — from the unbearable simulation of “United 93” to the eerie found footage of “Cloverfield” and the chilling-that-this-was-nominated-for-Best-Picture-ness of “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” — have spoken the genre’s common tongue more fluently than “The […]

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‘News of the World’ Is an Oscar-Caliber Portrait of a ‘Bitterly Divided’ America

In this discombobulated time, period western “News of the World” is just the sort of big-screen entertainment in short supply for Academy voters. They still haven’t seen Christopher Nolan’s glossy thriller “Tenet,” which never opened in New York and Los Angeles. When they eventually watch their Blu-ray screeners, the escapist time-twister isn’t exactly a zeitgeist […]

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7500 review – cockpit drama reaches for new heights

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an airline pilot in peril in a claustrophobic hijack movie that unfolds in near-real timePerched uneasily between the melodrama of 70s disaster movies such as the Airport series and the more sober horrors of Paul Greengrass’s 9/11 drama United 93, this lean hijack thriller marks a striking feature debut for German writer/director […]

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‘7500’ Trailer Pits Joseph Gordon-Levitt Against Airplane Hijackers

It’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt versus airline hijackers in “7500,” a grueling thriller that will land on Amazon Prime Video June 19. The streaming service has released the trailer for the upcoming film, which takes place in the claustrophobic confines of a small budget aircraft.There has been no shortage of films about airplane hijackings over the years, […]

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‘Beautiful Boy’ Has Best-Ever Opening for Amazon Distribution, While Netflix Tests the Waters

“Beautiful Boy” did well in its initial four theaters. A heavy drug-addiction drama based on a pair of father-son memoirs is a breakout for Amazon, which has been trying to gain traction as a film distributor. Three significant Netflix films also made limited theatrical debuts this weekend: “22 July,” “The Kindergarten Teacher,” and “Apostle.” Grosses […]

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