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Nope’s Opening Moments Were Very Different In The Script

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for Jordan Peele’s “Nope.”Each of Jordan Peele’s films feature an opening that foreshadows, thematically or otherwise, the horrors we’re about to see. “Get Out” has Andre’s suspenseful nighttime abduction in a predominantly white neighborhood, which gives an indication of what Chris has in store for him at the Armitage […]

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Nope Scores Highest Box Office Opening For An Original Movie Since Jordan Peele’s Last Movie

Jordan Peele’s done it again: his latest horror movie “Nope” debuted in theaters this weekend, and its opening box office haul is the highest of any original film since Peele’s last impressive project, 2019’s “Us.” “Nope’ brought in 44 million this weekend, and with a 68 million budget that means it’s on track to become another hit […]

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‘Nope’ Opens to #1 but Falls Short of Opening Box-Office Expectations

San Diego Comic-Con this weekend reminded exhibitors of good times ahead with “Black Adam” (Warner Bros.) in October and “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” (Disney) in November. It’s an apt moment for the distraction. With “Nope” opening to 44 million, this weekend’s box office total of 124 million might be the best we see until “Black […]

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‘Nope’ Debuts To 44 Million, The Best For An Original Film Since Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ In 2019

Writer/Director Jordan Peele is back with Nope, the UFO-centered horror film starring Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun, and Peele once again proves that he is one of Hollywood’s few directors whose name can consistently lure audiences into cinemas. The 44 million launch fell quite a bit short of Peele’s previous film Us, which opened […]

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‘Nope’ First Reactions: Jordan Peele’s ‘Epic’ Third Horror Outing Belongs on the ‘Biggest Screen You Can Find’

Three years have gone by since “Us” hit theaters, but the wait for a new Jordan Peele movie is almost over. Expectations could not be higher as “Nope,” Peele’s latest piece of thought-provoking genre cinema, opens in theaters this weekend. And if fans of Jordan Peele know one thing, it’s that you should always expect […]

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‘Nope’ First Reactions Are a Resounding ‘Yep,’ Praising Jordan Peele’s ‘Most Ambitious Film’

The first reactions to Jordan Peele’s “Nope” are pouring in as the movie continues its premiere in Los Angeles, earning praises for the director’s turn to science-fiction and drawing comparison to filmmakers like Steven Spielberg.Expectations are high for “Nope,” given Peele’s emergence as one of the most beloved directors over the last five years. His […]

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