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Anchorman Director Adam McKay Almost Made A Movie Out Of The Boys

Not long after Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s comic series “The Boys” debuted in 2006, people were trying to get the series adapted to the big screen. One of those people was Seth Rogen, who pushed for an adaptation for years before finally succeeding in getting it greenlit by Amazon in 2015. He now serves […]

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Adam McKay Shares ‘Vice’ Regret: ‘I F—ed Up’ by Not Blaming Democrats for Going Along With Iraq War

Adam McKay revealed in a new interview with the Sunday Times that he regrets going soft on Democrats in “Vice,” his 2018 biographical satire about Dick Cheney. McKay’s film cast Christian Bale as the former Vice President and earned eight Academy Award nominations, including best picture and best director. The supporting cast included Amy Adams, […]

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Moonfall Director Roland Emmerich Didn’t Think Don’t Look Up Was Disaster-y Enough

It’s always great when directors expand their boundaries and evolve over time, tackling projects that they might never have even considered even just a few years ago. Director Adam McKay gradually progressed from Will Ferrell studio comedies to increasingly social-conscious dramas with an eye on awards attention, such as “The Big Short” or “Vice” or, […]

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Isabel Castro Discusses Her Debut Doc Feature ‘Mija’ and Immigration Issues It Raises

Isabel Castro’s feature documentary debut, “Mija,” turns the standard music documentary on its head by instead focusing on the people behind the scenes, in this case 23-year-old music manager Doris Muñoz. When her otherwise successful career hits a road bump, she meets promising Chicana singer Jacks Haupts, with whom she bonds. Both are the first […]

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Adam McKay to Be Honored With Advanced Imaging Society Voices for the Earth Award

“Don’t Look Up” director Adam McKay will receive the Advanced Imaging Society Voices For The Earth Award.The Society will honor McKay at the 12th annual awards ceremony, which will now take place as a luncheon planned for March 4 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.“Considering the incredible obstacles our creative community has worked through to create […]

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Every Don’t Look Up Main Character Ranked Worst To Best

Adam McKay’s highly anticipated new film “Don’t Look Up” lands right in the heart of awards season, and is largely a culmination of the two sides of McKay’s career. His earlier films, which include “Anchorman,” “Talladega Nights,” “Step Brothers,” and “The Other Guys,” are silly comedies that feature outlandish premises, hilarious sight gags, and eccentric characters. […]

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Filming The Blair Witch Project Was More Bizarre Than You Probably Realized

“The Blair Witch Project” was a unique experiment in gonzo filmmaking. Directors Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick sent three unknown actors into the woods with video cameras, essentially having them improvise their own movie. The experience was a harrowing one, with the stars eventually capturing some real fear on camera, but many fans don’t realize just how […]

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Don’t Look Up Ending Explained: It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

Writer and director Adam McKay has made quite the mid-career transition, pivoting from his usual mode of crowd-pleasing (but deceptively clever) comedies, to more serious-minded films that function as vehicles for political commentary just as much as they provide laughs. It might be easy to believe that the same filmmaker could be credited for movies like “Anchorman: […]

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Don’t Look Up Review: This Smug, Shrill Disaster Movie Satire Is Just A Disaster

Who is “Don’t Look Up” for? Adam McKay stepped away from his unapologetically silly comedies with 2015’s “The Big Short,” a semi-serious investigation into the crisis surrounding the United States housing bubble. It was a new side to McKay, and while the film outfitted famous players in goofy wigs, the reception was positive, and the message was […]

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