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Apple names producer Molly Thompson head of documentaries

Thompson founded A&E IndieFilms and has a string of documentary producing credits.Molly Thompson, the founder of A&E IndieFilms and executive producer of documentary films including Jesus Camp, Life, Animated and City of Ghosts, has joined Apple as the tech giant’s head of documentaries.Thompson founded A&E IndieFilms, feature production arm of Us cable channel company A+E […]

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Who Were All the President’s Men, Really? ‘Watergate’ Reveals All and Reminds Us of How Our Government is Supposed to Work

Five years ago when Oscar-nominated documentarian Charles Ferguson (“Inside Job”) started deeply researching the 1972 Watergate break-in, he was chasing a documentary thriller that would be fun to watch. A & E and History were on board. But as the political climate dramatically transformed, he wound up with a more sober narrative, which debuted at […]

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