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Netflix Developing a Sequel to Robert Rodriguez’s ‘We Can Be Heroes’

Netflix is developing a sequel to Robert Rodriguez’s newly released superhero pic “We Can Be Heroes.”The movie, which draws from the young heroes in the director’s “Spy Kids” franchise and “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl,” follows the children of Earth’s superheroes, whose parents have been kidnapped by alien invaders. The children are left with […]

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Robert Rodriguez Hopes ‘Alita 2’ Could Come Back As A Disney+ Feature

Robert Rodriguez is a filmmaker that is constantly surprising fans. He’ll go and make a $200+ million blockbuster like “Alita: Battle Angel” and then follow it up with a kid-friendly superhero film like the recently-released “We Can Be Heroes.” Other times, he’ll show up as a director on “The Mandalorian” and then be named a […]

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‘We Can Be Heroes’ Trailer: Robert Rodriguez Returns To His Kid-Friendly Superhero Realm For Netflix

Fans of “Spy Kids” and “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl,” pay attention! Robert Rodriguez is jumping back into the world of bright-colored, heavily green-screened kids films with the upcoming Netflix feature, “We Can Be Heroes.” And if you’re a fan of the first two franchises, especially the latter, you’re going to love what the […]

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‘We Can Be Heroes’ Teaser Trailer: Sharkboy and Lava Girl Are All Grown Up and Their Kids Need to Save Them

Robert Rodriguez has a superhero movie called We Can Be Heroes coming to Netflix at the beginning of 2021. Initially, it seemed like it was a new, original premise from the director, utilizing as much green screen technology as possible to bring it to life. But earlier this week, we learned the movie takes place […]

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