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Undergods review – nightmare visions of a familiar world

Chino Moya’s stylish debut, an anthology of unsettling dystopian tales, lacks subtlety but brims with exceptional performancesThe Spanish film-maker Chino Moya, who directed the colourfully Orwellian music video for St Vincent’s Digital Witness, makes his feature debut with this eye-catching, Twilight Zone-style anthology of future-tense tales. Laced with a graveside humour reminiscent of the old […]

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Lawrence Kasdan To Script & Direct Film Adaptation Of Lou Berney Novel ‘November Road’

Exclusive: Though the past several years have left Lawrence Kasdan focused in space writing Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Solo: A Star Wars Story, Kasdan will now focus on the period surrounding the JFK assassination. Kasdan has made a six-figure acquisition of the film rights to November Road, the upcoming novel from Edgar Award-winning […]

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