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Sophie Turner’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix Prep Put A Real Strain On Her Mental Health

Once upon a time, in the pre-mcu age, there was an X-Men franchise at 20th Century Fox, and … it wasn’t half-bad! At first!Bryan Singer’s “X-Men” was the first Marvel-derived blockbuster in the history of motion pictures (“Blade” had been a standalone hit before), and the beneficiary of crackerjack casting with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. Greenlit […]

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One Of The Wildest Transformers Episodes Was Written By Wolverine’s Creator

The late Len Wein was one of the most prolific comic book writers of his day. Like many of his contemporaries (especially Marv Wolfman and Gerry Conway), he bounced back and forth between the “Big Two” comic companies, Marvel and DC. Wein left his mark at both, co-creating characters like Swamp Thing and Lucius Fox […]

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Shawn Levy Didn’t Want To Give Deadpool 3 The Marvel Green Screen Treatment

“Deadpool 3” marks a number of noteworthy “firsts” for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The, uh, first and perhaps most significant is that it’s designed to be R-rated, an unprecedented move for a franchise that once conquered the box office through the power of the four-quadrant movie. It’s also the first film to fully integrate characters […]

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How James Cameron And Alita Reportedly Set Dark Phoenix Up For Failure

The “X-Men” movie “Dark Phoenix” was hurt by upheaval at its studio, 20th Century Fox. The film was developed during the merger between Fox and Disney; in fact, “Dark Phoenix” was released on June 7, 2019, early into the new management’s tenure. During that theatrical run, it made only $254 million on a $200 million […]

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George Lucas Had Blunt Advice For Luke And Vader’s Final Star Wars Lightsaber Duel

Most film franchises seem to insist on the escalation of stakes. The first Avengers film centered around saving New York from a horde of aliens; “Infinity War” focused on protecting the entire known universe. This desire to raise the stakes with each new entry often backfires, like when the “X-Men” prequel movies centered their third […]

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