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Superhero Bits: Halle Berry Fought with Bryan Singer on ‘X-Men’, Marvel’s ‘Fortnite’ Crossover Expands & More

What’s the latest update to the Marvel-themed crossover in Fortnite? Can Homelander on The Boys ever be killed? Did you hear Black Panther was the most streamed comic book movie last week? Why did Halle Berry fight with Bryan Singer during X-Men production? Which character survived David Ayer‘s cut of Suicide Squad but was killed […]

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Halle Berry Got “Very Angry” With Bryan Singer During ‘X-Men’ Filming & Says He’s “Not The Easiest Dude To Work With”

Ever since Bryan Singer has seemingly been blacklisted from Hollywood, for a number of reasons including various on-set issues and behind-the-scenes sexual misconduct claims, the stories that have been told about the filmmaker are already pretty shocking, to say the least. And now, Halle Berry is adding to that arsenal of Singer horror stories with […]

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The New Mutants review – troubled kids add hit of horror to X-Men saga

The superhero franchise is refreshed with a thoughtful study of childhood trauma before noisy CGI battles come to the foreMeet the new mutants, same as the old mutants … or sort of. This is an X-Men spin-off, based on the characters by Marvel Comics artists Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod, and they are younger than […]

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Why ‘New Mutants’ Will First Stream on HBO Max Instead of Disney-Owned Hulu or Disney+

After a long (and we do mean looong) wait, “New Mutants” finally hit theaters last weekend, bringing in around $7 million. With many moviegoers still wary about sitting inside a theater amid a still-raging pandemic, and drive-in theaters still hard to come by, it’s very likely the majority of “X-Men” fans will wait to see […]

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‘The New Mutants’: The Long-Delayed ‘X-Men’ Spinoff Is A Surprising Blast Of Young Adult Horror

Editor’s Note: ‘The New Mutants’ was reviewed after a public screening at a drive-in theater. Given the ongoing health concerns regarding Covid-19, we recommend listening to experts and understanding the facts before deciding to go to a theater.Where is the love for young adult horror? Over the past few years, we’ve seen writers work hard […]

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Led by ‘The New Mutants,’ U.S. Theaters See Less Than $16 Million Box Office Weekend

About 62 percent of U.S. locations were open this weekend, with what looks like a total gross of around $15 million-$16 million. Figure if all theaters were open, $25 million or above would have been the total. The same weekend last year (which included the three days before Labor Day) totaled $92 million.Obviously, the lack […]

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New Movies to Watch This Week: ‘Bill and Ted Face the Music,’ ‘The New Mutants’

Too late to salvage a summer movie season wiped out by coronavirus, but boldly hoping to bring audiences back to cinemas (or drive-ins at least), a handful of movies are opening widely this weekend — or as widely as they can in a country where many communities are still restricting public gatherings.If time travel were […]

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Superhero Bits: ‘Agents of Shield’ Cast and Creators Say Goodbye, James Gunn Picks His Favorite X-Men & More

How was DC Entertainment impacted by recent Warner Media layoffs? Which X-Men character does Arrow co-star Colton Haynes want to play? Did you know Wolverine was Australian a couple times before Hugh Jackman played him? Are you sad to see Agents of Shield bid farewell? Does Scott Pilgrim vs the World sink up with The […]

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