Tarantino’s ‘Hollywood’ Novel Review: A Shimmering Triumph Almost Undone by its Author

Quentin Tarantino sure is his own worst enemy these days.

A number of unappealing interviews he’s given have threatened to overshadow the launch of his “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” novel adaptation.

His beef seems to be with how there was pushback to his depiction of Bruce Lee as a preening loudmouth in the film.

It’s an odd complaint, considering how successful the film was: $374.6 million in worldwide box office, critical adoration, 10 Oscar nominations and two wins, including a Best Supporting Actor trophy for Brad Pitt.

Does he think the film deserved to be above any criticism at all?It’s an especially strange grievance coming from Tarantino, who on multiple occasions over the last decade has argued for the dismissal of John Ford from the canon, via the most ungenerous reading imaginable of the “Stagecoach” filmmaker’s body of work.

Frankly, there’s more humanity in

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