Taylor Swift Slams Netflix Over Sexist ‘Ginny & Georgia’ Joke: ‘Stop Degrading Hard Working Women’

Taylor Swift issued a statement on Twitter calling out Netflix and its new mother-daughter dramedy “Ginny & Georgia” for a “deeply sexist joke” that mocked Swift’s romantic history.

Following the February 24 debut of “Ginny & Georgia,” Swift’s fans mobilized on social media to condemn the series for featuring the following line of dialogue: “What do you care? You go through men faster than Taylor Swift.” The phrase “Respect Taylor Swift” went viral on Twitter, prompting Swift herself to come forward with criticism against “Ginny & Georgia.”“Hey ‘Ginny & Georgia,’ 2010 called and it wants its lazy, deeply sexist joke back,” Swift wrote.

“How about we stop degrading hard working women by defining this horse shit as [funny].

Also, Netflix, after ‘Miss Americana’ this outfit doesn’t look cute on you…Happy Women’s History Month I guess.”Swift has a history with Netflix, as the streaming giant was the

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