Teddy review – wince-inducing French werewolf horror

Ludovic and Zoran Boukherma show promisingly grim tendencies in a supremely confident horror that lacks a bit of thematic biteTeddy.

The name is all wrong for the teenager at the centre of this French arthouse horror: a shaven-headed heavy metaller.

Teddy is not cuddly nor particularly lovable, but he does turn furry by the light of the full moon.

He’s a werewolf, though young film-making brothers Ludovic and Zoran Boukherma are too classy – and sensible – to reveal much more than a flash of bony wolf-foot when Teddy transforms.The film is in fact a supremely confident genre dice and splice from the Boukhermas: a social realist body-horror black comedy with elements of coming-of-age drama.

It reminded me a bit of Julia Ducournau’s cannibal movie Raw, but I’m not sure it’s got quite as much to say.

Anthony Bajon is electrifying as Teddy, a high school dropout from a poor family.

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