‘Tenet’ Audiences in U.K., France Embrace Thriller, Even in Quiet Early Screenings

London’s Leicester Square, a bustling area best known for its glitzy film premieres, was eerily quiet on Wednesday morning.

Flashy billboards for Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” lit up the adjacent Odeon and Cineworld venues, but audience members were in short supply.Cineworld claimed one of the earliest London showings of the film with a 10 a.m.

2D screening, followed by an 11 a.m.

IMAX appointment.

In pre-pandemic times, you might have expected a decent turnout for the earliest screening, but a Cineworld manager told Variety only four tickets were sold in the 80-seat venue — a low figure, even if some of those seats would have been blocked out due to Covid-19 measures.Mario Coral was one of those ticketholders.

The early start was simply the most convenient time for his schedule, but he admits that, traditionally, you’d see these screenings fill up when other, more popular times, sell out.

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