Tenet Doesn’t Deserve a Rewatch, It Requires It

Christopher Nolan has long been known for his high-flying, mind-bending, and time-twisting story concepts throughout his directorial career, from the reversed narrative of Memento to the five-dimensional time-travel tesseract of Interstellar, and countless other fantastic twists and turns in between.

These mind-bending concepts often lead to thrilling visuals, but are almost always integral elements of the plot as well, and are rarely done as gimmicks.

In Memento, the story told backward not only leads to a clever twist at the end(/beginning), but the scenes played in reverse order also serve to put the audience in the place of the main character, who cannot form new memories and so has no idea what just happened to him.

In Inception, the multiple layers of dreams-within-dreams deliver a kick to both the characters and the audience with the turn of a teetering top.

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